Radical Maneuvers: Discourses of the New: Call for Abstracts (April 28th, 2012, Cornell University)

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Cornell Undergraduate Comparative Literature Society

The Undergraduate Comparative Literature Association at Cornell University cordially invites submissions of 300-500 word abstracts by other undergraduates for twenty-minute papers for its first annual undergraduate conference.

In light of such recent, radical movements as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, the demand for a complete re-shaping of Europe's economic system, and the recent division of what was once the Sudan into two separate countries, it is worth considering what exactly the concepts of "new" and "radical" mean, especially in the context of literature and art. Is a work of literature or art that is "new" necessarily "radical"? How do we define "radicality"? How do we measure the "radicality" of one work compared to another? To what extent is the "new" or "radical" quality of a work defined by its social and historical context, rather than by any inherent characteristic of the work itself? How does the "aesthetic" quality of a work of literature or art relate to its "newness"? To what extent can the "newness" of a work of art or literature be attributed to a targeted maneuver on the part of the creator to steer a given society or ideology in a particular direction?

Some Possible Paper Topics include the following, but any topic related to the theme is encouraged:
Comparing innovative Works across nations and time periods
Emergent Technology and Invention in the Arts
Works Ahead of their Time, past and present
Radical theory in relation to radical or conventional practice
Texts of Revolution
Radical Forms
Radical translations for alternative readerships
New frameworks of time and space, in antiquity and today

A small stipend for travel to the location of the colloquium may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Participants should expect to fund the majority of their transportation costs themselves. However, the organizers will make every effort to house attendees with local students and to provide some meals and social events.

Abstracts should be sent to: radicalmaneuvers@gmail.com
Deadline: Feb. 1
Please see our website for more information: wix.com/radicalmaneuvers/new