Pynchon's California: Essay Collection

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Scott McClintock and John Miller

Proposals are being sought for an edited collection of essays that examine Thomas Pynchon's "California novels" (The Crying of Lot 49, Vineland, and Inherent Vice) as a group and/or his use or representation of California in his fiction and other writing. Papers on other related topics, such as the relation of Pynchon's work to that of other California writers, or even attempts at biographical criticism focusing on his California experiences, are also welcome. We are particularly interested in essays that deal with more than one work, but will consider relevant proposals that deal with single works. Essays on the "California novels" may examine aspects of those works other than their common geographical and temporal settings: e.g., their use or representation of historical, cultural, or social trends associated with the 60s-80s; attention to female characters; simpler, shorter plots; etc.

Please submit proposals (300-500 words) by March 31, 2012; once proposals are accepted, completed chapters (roughly 5000-9000 words) should be submitted by July 31, 2012.

Please send proposals or questions to both Scott McClintock ( and John Miller (