UNC Wilmington Graduate English Conference April 21, 2012

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UNCW Graduate English Association
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University of North Carolina Wilmington Graduate English Association
Call for Papers: "Great Textations: Celebrating English Scholarship"
Date: April 21, 2012 from 10 AM – 6 PM
Location: University of North Carolina Wilmington, Morton Hall
Submission Deadline: February 27, 2012

Our conference is designed to be an open forum for all aspects of English Studies. We view English scholarship as an amorphous force that is constantly being defined and redefined. Thus, our goal for this conference is to create opportunities to share various approaches to studying texts; in addition we would also like to consider how intertextuality influences the creation and examination of new texts and scholarship. Since English Studies and the Humanities addresses issues both inside and outside academia, we are calling for submissions across a broad spectrum of inquiry throughout these fields.

In order to create an atmosphere conducive to lively academic debate, we are calling for submissions that address various approaches and theories that are used to interact with texts. We consider texts to include everything from books, film, music, graphic novels, and videogames, as well as cultural artifacts from physical objects to social practices. In order to assemble a diverse array of texts, we encourage submissions from across the Humanities: Literary Studies and Theory, Rhetoric and Composition, Pedagogy, Linguistics, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Sociology, and Communications, etc.

Please come join us at the North Carolina coast to have a lively look at how English scholarship became what it is today and an exploration of where it is going.

Submission Guidelines: Proposals should be emailed to: uncwgea@gmail.com by February 27th, 2012. All submitted proposals will receive email confirmation upon receipt. Acceptances will be emailed starting March 20th, 2012. Proposals for individual presentations should include a 300 word abstract (attached as a PDF or Word doc) with the title but no other identifying information. Your name, institution, submission title, phone number, and a brief biography should be included within the body of your email. Individual presentations should not exceed 15 minutes. *Please also indicate any need for audiovisual equipment.*

Proposals for panel presentations (no more than three presenters) should include three separate 100 word abstracts and one 250 word panel abstract (attached as a PDF or Word doc) with the titles but no identifying information. Please title your panel accordingly. Your names, institutions, panel title, phone numbers, and brief biographies should be included within the body of the email. Panel presentations should not exceed 45 minutes. *Please also indicate any need for audiovisual equipment.*

Further questions should be directed to the GEA Co-Chairs, Shauna Maragh and Nathan Mendenhall, at uncwgea@gmail.com. The University of North Carolina Wilmington has an active community of graduate students, and an important goal of our annual Conference is to take part in the intellectually rewarding experience of scholarly life. In addition, a visit to our Conference provides an opportunity to explore the surrounding coastal area and beautiful historic downtown district on the Cape Fear waterfront.