The HBCU: Past, Present, and Future

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Plenum: The South Carolina State University Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies
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Plenum 4 (Spring 2013) Call for Papers
The HBCU: Past, Present, and Future

In 2010, President Barack Obama re-affirmed the mission of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities by designating increased funding for these institutions. This increased funding and focus on HBCUs serve as recognition of the crucial role of HBCUs in educating traditionally underserved populations.

This positive development is occurring, however, against a backdrop of calls by the governors of Mississippi and Louisiana to merge HBCUs with other institutions and/or close HBCUs as cost-saving measures as these states confront large budget shortfalls. The contentious debates around these proposals make it clear that these discussions are not just about money; what is really at stake is the role of the HBCU in a multicultural society.

The editors of _Plenum,_ a peer-reviewed journal, are currently accepting manuscripts that address the state of the HBCU. What is the overall state of HBCUs today? What elements of the past of HBCUs are useful as they move forward and what elements of institutional culture at HBCUs may present challenges as these institutions are reconfigured? What does the future of the HBCU look like? Is there a future for HBCUs? How have the popular and literary representations of HBCUs changed over time, and what do these representations tell us about notions of race and class in the US?
The editors are particularly interested in manuscripts that address the state of South Carolina State University in the context of the current political and economic climate in South Carolina and on campus. Manuscripts should be research-based (quantitative or qualitative approaches are welcome).

The hope is that this number can serve as a platform for a clear-headed, constructive, fact-based, and civil discussion about a shared vision for the future of the University. SC State students, faculty, staff, and community members are particularly encouraged to contribute to this discussion.

Although manuscripts from all disciplines are welcome, manuscripts that address one or more of these questions from multiple disciplinary perspectives are particularly welcome. Works in other genres (creative nonfiction, art, and poetry) are also welcome. Works focused on SC State in particular will be blind reviewed by members of the editorial board and qualified external reviewers. Consult the submission guidelines at before forwarding your manuscript.

Forward manuscripts to by March 15, 2012.