[UPDATE] Crowd control in the Renaissance

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European Society for the Study of English (ESSE)

This seminar will discuss the notion of "crowd control" from various viewpoints, distinguishing "crowd controllers" and the "crowds controlled" in different loci : on the stage, in the Church, the royal entourage, urban/rural milieus, in the British Isles or elsewhere.

The seminar, which will take place during the September 2012 ESSE conference in Istanbul, seeks to build on ideological and Foucauldian-based approaches to notions and instances of rebellion and social control, favored by critics in the 80s and 90s, by taking into account recent interdisciplinary research on manuscripts, law, iconography, film and performance studies, among others.

Papers will discuss instances of crowd control, based on historical accounts, pamphlets, legal precedents, moral recommendations, or take fictional accounts from the stage or print culture.

Theoretical approaches to the topic will also be welcome.

Send your proposal (1/2 page) by February 15 to:

Pascale Drouet (Université de Poitiers, FR) : pascale.drouet@neuf.fr
Yan Brailowsky (Université Paris, FR) : yan.brailowsky@u-paris10.fr
Zenon Luis Marinez (Universidad de Huelva, ES) : luis@dfing.uhu.es

The convenors will let the proponents know whether their proposals have been accepted by no later than 29 February 2012.

Selected papers will be published by a UK university press.

For more on the ESSE conference : http://www.esse2012.org/en/scientific-programme-seminars.html