"The Seim Anew?": Ireland in cycles. Is the present a return to the past?Cyclical patterns in contemporary Ireland

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University of Trieste, Department of Humanities

International Conference on Irish Studies

"The Seim Anew?": Ireland in cycles. Is the present a return to the past?
Cyclical patterns in contemporary Ireland: cultural memory, literature and society
University of Trieste, Italy, The Trieste Joyce School – Laboratorio di studi Irlandesi
DISU – Department of Humanities

24-26 May, 2012
Irish cultural history and identity has repeatedly been associated with the traumatic quality of a past which never seems to subside but continues to engage with the present in ways which point to cyclical patterns of almost inevitable recurrence. Such a hermeneutic perspective assumes renewed relevance in any reading of Ireland's current predicament within the global financial crisis which has radically put at risk much of what was achieved in the closing decades of the twentieth century.
This interdisciplinary conference invites contributions which will adopt the template of cyclicality, recurrence and return in order to question perceptions of post-nationalist, post-Catholic and globalized Ireland as expressed in various cultural forms (literature, media, criticism).
Keynote Speakers:
Donatella Abbate Badin, University of Turin
Luke Gibbons, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Liam Harte, University of Manchester
Gerry Smyth, Liverpool John Moores University
The conference will be organised over three days, with a series of panels and four plenary lectures. Papers should not exceed twenty minutes. The conference programme will also feature the performance of
The Brother: a one-act play based on the work of Flann O'Brien, adapted and performed by
David Llewellyn and Gerry Smyth.
A definitive programme will be confirmed early in March.

Suggested Topics:
- Contemporary engagements with historical trauma and cyclical experience in
literature and society, Media, Cultural discourses
- XVIII, XIX century
- Modernist models
- Reinterpreting the present: European and transnational perspectives
- Ireland and Europe: the implosion of European prospects?
- The sense of the future in literature and film: renewal and/or endgame?
- Ireland and its "cultural industry"
Further proposals are also welcome for round table or other panel discussion.

Deadline for submission of abstracts (350 words maximum) plus a brief cv (50 words):
24 February 2012
Organising committee: Renzo S. Crivelli (Università di Trieste, crivelli@units.it), Roberta Gefter (Università di Trieste, gefter@units.it), John McCourt (Università Rome Tre, mccourt@units.it), Laura Pelaschiar (Università di Trieste, pelaschi @units.it).
All proposals and queries should be sent to Irishstudiestrieste@gmail.com