Buenos Aires Comics Conf 26 - 29 September, 2012

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Laura Vazquez/UBA CONICET

II International Comics Conference: Viñetas Serias 2012

Biblioteca Nacional – Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina , 26 to 29 de September, 2012.

The Second International Comics Conference: Viñetas Serias 2012 will feature workshops, panels, round tables and plenary talks which explore different thematic areas of academic work. Thematic areas include: Graphic Humor (polítics, culture and society; comparative perspectives), Visual Arts, Sequential Narratives, Aesthetics, Experimentation / Innovation, and Language, The Comics Before the Comics, Politics, Ideology and Resistance, Transpositions and Dialogs between Visual Languages, Documents, The Graphic Novel and Biography, Collections, Archives and Sources, Subjectivity, Gender and Identity Construction, New Technologies and Editing, Comics and Pedagogy and the Publishing Industry and the Publishing Market.

Papers will be evaluated by the Conference Committee. The full papers should be sent to the Viñetas Serias email. The deadline for submission of applications is Monday, April 9, 2012. Notification of acceptance or rejection of papers will be made via email to the authors during the month of June. Proposals should be sent to: vinetas-serias@vinetas-sueltas.com.ar following the presentation guidelines that follow.

The papers may be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Send the complete paper to the conference email using a WORD or RTF format.

Papers should not exceed 15 pages including images, footnotes and bibliography.

The presentations will be accompanied by a summary in English and Spanish of no more than 300 words.
Include up to 5 keywords and suggest up to two thematic areas for categorizing the paper.

Send two separate files simultaneously: one containing the abstract and the paper (title and notes) without indicating the author, pseudonym or institutional references, and the second containing paper title, author, institutional affiliation, country, email address and suggesting the two thematic areas of the conference where you think the paper could be presented.

The file containing the paper should be stored under a pseudonym and the number 1. Example: Caminante1.doc and second file with the paper title and author data as outlined above with the number 2. Example: Caminante2.doc. The two files must be sent in the same email.

Papers will be evaluated by a reading committee composed of specialists. Acceptance will be announced in June.

Organization of Panels and Workshops:
The accepted papers will be sent to the members of each panel before the Conference, to facilitate joint discussion. The panels and workshops will have a moderator who will present the issues and questions briefly introduced in the submissions received, and moderate the ensuing discussion.
With the exception of round tables, plenary lectures and panels, reading time available for each presentation is 15 minutes. Please observe this instruction strictly to ensure dialogue with the public and avoid delays in developing the program.
All papers will be published in digital form on a CD and on the conference website. Selected papers will be published in book form. Graphics and illustrations may not be included due to financial restraints.

Registration fees will be announced in the next call for papers. Presenters and attendees will be able to pay for registration when checking in for the conference at the conference site / premises.

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