Globalization and the Frontiers of Ethics: Critical Essays on Literature and Language.

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The Department of English of the Higher Teachers’ Training College of the University of Maroua

Globalization and the Frontiers of Ethics: Critical Essays on Literature and Language
The New Technologies of Information and Communication have resulted in a rapprochement of different regions, cultures, peoples, ideologies and perspectives. This effectively justifies the naming of today's world the "global era". It bespeaks a "borderless world" where events are "experienced" simultaneously in almost every part of the world. More than ever before there are transcultural and transnational exchanges of an important magnitude. The experience of culture is no longer limited to a geographical location.
But what do these mean to practitioners of Language and Literature? What are the implications for Language and Literature? The Department of English of the Higher Teachers' Training College of the University of Maroua is pleased to announce a call for papers inviting substantive essays that make critical statements or questions on the meaning of globalization and its impact on literary discourse and the present development of language. How does the interchange or intermarriage of cultures affect the morality of indigenous cultures, or how can we reinterpret the questions of ethics in these subjects? Is there, with the advent of globalization, going to be a new definition of form of ethics? How will national ethics or morality conflate with the invading morality of economically or politically strong cultures? With the advent of globalization is it still possible to talk authenticity both in language and literature? How do local productions; both literary and linguistic engage with the global? What new theoretical thrusts are best suited to address these and what new paradigms can be formulated to address these rapid changes? How have global events such as environmentalism been perceived locally? How have local cultural practices impacted the global trends? How have literary and linguistic productions expressed the "global"? These and more are some of the questions that the essays in this volume are expected to address. Papers on the impact of globalization on the environment in literature and language are encouraged.
Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30/03/2012. Deadline for notification of acceptance of abstracts will be 02/04/2012. Final papers are expected latest 30/08/2012. Editor: Prof. Edward O. Ako. Abstracts should be sent to Dr Athanasius A. Ayuk at: or to Dr Blossom Fondo at: For further inquiries contact;