Textual Fault-Lines at 2nd Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group

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Anne Laskaya/Eve Salisbury
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This panel builds on the 2010 BABEL sessions examining "fault-lines" by focusing on textual studies. Consider "fault-lines" as errors in texts and editions that lead to productive meditation, productive disagreement; or explore the generally unacknowledged erasures in texts and editions that---precisely because of their performance as an "unseen" or "unremarked" fault/error/revision---allows productive work and thought. Consider the "fault-line" as the chasm between manuscript and edition (or between editions). Consider "fault-line" as the gnarly space between a word or line and that editorial/textual note intended to inflect or define or comment on it, albeit pages, clicks, or screen-frames away from one another in spatial (and/or temportal)terms. Or consider "fault-line" as the open space (abyss or dance floor) between textual studies and contemporary literary theory. Celebrate, regret, bemoan, refuse, love, rapell the textual/editorial "fault."