Cultural Equity: The Politics of Folklore, Archives, and Digitization

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Meredith McCarroll/Clemson University
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SAMLA Panel, November 9-11, 2012, Durham, NC
Throughout his lifetime of travelling to collect and record folk traditions, Alan Lomax developed a devotion to what he called "cultural equity"—a conceptual leveling of cultures made available to all who are interested. As Lomax's collection at the Library of Congress goes public after a long digitization process, the promise of access to all is becoming a reality. This panel investigates the role of the archivist/folklorist as well at the impact of digitization on collections like Lomax'. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the questions raised here. We seek article interested in, but not limited to:
• The role of the folklorist
• The uses of archives by writers, musicians, and scholars
• The implications of digitization
• Alan Lomax as collector
Please submit abstracts of 200-300 words to Meredith McCarroll at Clemson University via by March 15. Please note if you are also interested in being considered for a developing collection for publication.