Bridging the Gap: Israeli and Palestinian Relations and Culture (MLA, Boston, Jan. 2013)

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Morani Kornberg-Weiss
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This Special Session focuses on Israeli and Palestinian relations and seeks to provide a forum for examining notions of "conflict," identity, war, peace, and protest in art, literature, cinema, music, and the theater. Papers can focus on social, psychological, historical, philosophical, traumatic, geographic, and/or peace-bridging aspects, to state a few. Interdisciplinary work is welcome.

Specifically: How do we define what is now called "the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?" How does the conflict manifest within the various disciplines? How do these representations affect our cultural imaginations? How can we situate the conflict within current postcolonial and transnational studies? What is the language of the conflict? How can we define the "voice of the conflict" or the "conflicting voices?" How and where can we locate efforts of peace within the arts? How do the various arts create spaces for the two groups to come into dialogue with one another? How is the "other" represented in the arts? How might literature, film, and art challenge our notions of a speaking subject in relation to a larger cultural and political collective landscape?

300 word abstracts and a brief biography (3-5 sentences) should be submitted by March 15, 2012.

Contact Morani Kornberg-Weiss, for any questions.