Exchange Conference (28/29 June 12), Call for Papers (deadline 4 May 12)

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Rebecca Green, Cardiff University, Wales, UK

June 28/29// 2012

Call for papers

Doctoral researchers from across the humanities and social sciences are invited to participate in this conference that explores the concept of exchange. By gathering a broad range of perspectives the conference aims to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking and help to build new networks between researchers.

In each case, the presentation could look to the present, draw on the past or consider possibilities for the future. Themes could include explorations of exchange in areas of interest such as:

Knowledge or research
Innovation, creativity, learning, communication

Attitudes or approaches
Reciprocity, sharing, convergence, dialogue

Psychology, language and behaviour
Meaning, identity, boundaries, relationships

Media or culture
Arts, music, literature, technology

Business or the economy
Globalism, trade, finance, enterprise

Philosophy, politics or religion
Ideas, trends, movements

Geography or society
Globalisation, migration, networks, social capital

The conference committee welcomes abstracts from those at all stages of their PhD (including those in the early stageswho may wish to communicate their findings so far as well as their future direction).

To submit a paper for consideration, send a 200 word abstract and include your contact details and a brief biographical note.

Your abstract should provide a clear and concise overview of your presentation. You can either introduce your research project as a whole, giving an overview of what you are doing and why, or you can present a specific part of your research in more detail. In either case, you should explain its significance to your field.

The length of each talk will be 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes for questions. Remember that you are likely to be presenting your research to people outside your field so your abstract (and your talk) should reflect this.

Speakers will be chosen based on the abstracts submitted and how they relate to 'exchange' as the overall theme of the conference. Presentations will then be grouped into panels that express one or more sub-themes.

Further information is available at

Submissions by 5pm Friday 4 May 2012