Workshop on Time and Globalization October 19-20, 2012

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Time and Globalization Working Project, McMaster University
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We are calling for the submission of paper proposals for an interdisciplinary workshop on Time and Globalization, to be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, on October 19-20 (Friday & Saturday), 2012. The workshop is organized by the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition (IGHC), which has focused on research and teaching on globalization and its social and cultural effects since its creation in 1998. In this workshop we hope to build on work that is ongoing at the IGHC. We are particularly interested in proposals that focus on the (re)conceptualization of time, changing relationships among various temporalities, policy responses to temporal challenges, and relevant reflections on and implications for sustainability and social justice, in the ongoing processes of globalization. Among the themes that could be considered are:

o Reconceptualizations of time in the context of globalization
o Changing relationships between local and global temporalities and between various local temporalities
o Contested globalization discourses and their temporal conceptualizations
o Interplays of spatial and temporal logics in the context of globalization
o The impact of global temporalities, for example acceleration or simultaneity, on democracy
o Representations of globalization and temporality in literature, film, and popular and digital cultures
o The relative importance of speed and space in global business and war
o Differential collective and individual experiences of global temporalities
o Rethinking the relationships between gender, sexualities, age, class, culture, ability, geography and global temporalities
o Tensions between personal, corporate, governmental and environmental temporalities
o The circulation and acceleration of new health risks and new public health challenges
o Global public policies and changing temporalities
o The role of activism in addressing the intersections of globalization and time, with regard to social justice, efficiency, productivity, speed, or sustainability

The workshop will bring together a small group of scholars from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, and aims to maximize the fruitfulness of our discussion by sharing and reading the papers in advance. We are interested in papers that focus on specific practices in which the interaction of temporal and global influences is evident empirically, as well as more theoretical papers, as long as they focus on the interaction of temporality and globalization and are not so embedded in particular disciplinary literatures that they cannot easily engage with insights from literatures in other disciplines. They will be circulated to participants a week in advance of the workshop, and should be 4000-6000 words, excluding endnotes and references. Our aim is to have some or all of the papers published in a special issue of a journal or an edited volume.

If this workshop interests you, please email us by May 1, 2012 at, with a title and 400-word proposal. We will notify potential participants by May 15. Please feel free to circulate this invitation to others who may be interested.

Time & Globalization Working Project, McMaster University
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