Reproductive Spectacle and the Modernist Female Body / MSA 14: Modernism and Spectacle / 18-21 October 2012/ Las Vegas, NV

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Megan Minarich / Vanderbilt University

As feminist film scholar Laura Mulvey has famously argued, the eroticized female body has long been subjected to the patriarchal male gaze within cinema. This panel hinges upon the contention that a.) the same objectification happens to the reproductive female body, and b.) such reproductive spectacles are not limited to film, but may be found in other forms of modernist media and art as well. The aim of this panel is to explore the connections between modernist modes of spectacular display and the reproductive female body. Submissions are welcome from any discipline and may treat a wide range of critical, historical, and/or theoretical concerns that pertain to pregnancy, contraception, abortion, childbirth, and/or motherhood.

If you are interested in this panel, please send a cv and an abstract of 250 words to Megan Minarich at by 19 March 2012.

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