CFP: "Extreme(ly) Shakespeare(an)" (6/8 & 8/31) (10/18-20); 36th Annual OVSC

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Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference

Extreme(ly) Shakespeare(an)
The 36th Annual Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference
Marietta College
October 18-20, 2012

The planning committee of the Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference seeks proposals for papers or panels from across today's theoretical and methodological landscape that engage some facet of the amalgam "Extreme(ly) Shakespeare(an)."

"Extreme Shakespeare" alludes to the wide variety of extremities that can be found in Shakespeare's work. It brings to mind those occasions where the playwright demonstrates either a lack of regard for or a lack of control over the principles of proportionality and balance, to the degree either of those principles were prioritized by dramatists of the early modern period.

Of course, extremity is an inherently relative value, which leads to a second facet of the amalgam open to conferees. "Extremely Shakespearean" refers to the fundamental characteristics of Shakespeare's art, craft, thought, philosophy, etc. How might we best operationalize the term "Shakespearean"? What quality or qualities should we identify as the quintessence of Shakespeare's work? Conversely, where do we observe Shakespeare at his least Shakespearean? Have we in the past, do we now, and/or might we ever share a persuasive understanding of what constitutes the most significant attributes of Shakespeare? Is the pursuit a noble quest, or a fool's errand? The OVSC publishes a volume of selected papers each year and conferees are welcome to submit revised versions of their papers for consideration.

Plenary Speakers:

Ralph Alan Cohen
The American Shakespeare Center and Mary Baldwin College

Lina Perkins Wilder
Connecticut College

Abstracts and panel proposals are due by June 8th for an early decision. The final deadline is August 31st. All submissions and inquiries should be directed to Joseph Sullivan at or by mail to Joseph Sullivan / English Department / Marietta College / Marietta, OH 45750.

Conference updates will be posted on our webpage as they become available.