Poetry & EcoModernism / MSA 14 / October 18-21, 2012 / Las Vegas

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Daniel Burke / Marquette University

One period that has heretofore garnered less ecocritical attention than it perhaps deserves is transatlantic Modernism. Perhaps it's the concrete canyons and industrial "Waste Land"s the era evokes in many readers' minds - which run contrary to so much of the green landscapes and Romanticism of first-wave environmental criticism. Of course, Modernism isn't all smoke and steel - just as ecocritical theory has by now moved out of the forest and into examining more urban jungles.

This panels seeks to show the crossover in conversation between Modernism's goals (of acknowledging the insufficiency of inherited traditions) and environmentalism's aims (of revising how we see ourselves as a part of the natural world). Papers will, I hope, not merely show that nature is present or favored in the work of the Modernists - but may help move toward revising our understanding of both (international) Modernism and/or ecocritical thought. While the focus should be on poetry, other elements are open-ended. Some interdisciplinary topic clusters to consider include: pollution, landscape/place, (urban) ecology, climate and climate change, animals/biodiversity, etc.

If interested, please send a CV and abstract of 250 words to Daniel Burke at daniel.e.burke@marquette.edu by Friday, March 30th.

More on the MSA conference can be found here: http://msa.press.jhu.edu/conferences/msa14/index.html