UPDATE: Modern Family (MSA 14. Las Vegas. 18-21 Oct 2012)

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Wesley Beal
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The family—as a social institution, as field of study, as a body of representation and readership—has been underserved by theories of modernism. This oversight may stem from a perception that many of the moderns, such as the Greenwich Village avant-garde, were often averse to an institution they found inherently bourgeois and conservative. This panel invites papers that will consider the family as a center of modernist thought, aesthetics, and praxis.

How might family relate to the conference theme "spectacle," a suggestion of that which prompts "curiosity or contempt" and even "marvel or admiration"? Can the family figure anything more than the negation of modernist conventions? How might the moderns radicalize family in keeping with their other impulses toward innovation and scandal? The panel welcomes projects dealing with any national literature or theoretical orientation, and encourages submissions to consider family as a broad term encompassing multivalent modes of organization.

Send a 250-word abstract and 1-page CV (as one email attachment) to wesley.beal@lyon.edu by Monday, March 19. More details about the 2012 meeting of the MSA are available here: http://msa.press.jhu.edu/conferences/msa14/index.html.