Hegel and Modernism (MSA Las Vegas, 10.18)

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Charles Altieri
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Hegel and Modernism

This panel takes up a simple, but perhaps exacting question: What can the study of Hegel contribute to our understanding of modernism now?

Rather than enumerate Hegel's many legacies in social theory and philosophy from the nineteenth century onward, this panel asks instead how attention to Hegel's philosophy, which inscribes time and change into the very stuff of concepts, might illuminate certain aspects of modernist art and writing. We are interested in how incompleteness and necessity get configured in modernist constellations and how the relationship between existential time and the time of History is conceived. We are also interested in the after-life of Hegel's work on subjectivity: Are some modernist texts responsive to Hegelian models of expression as the locus of subject formation? Can this model be extended to consider along Hegelian lines possible conflicts between values of expression and value as ethics has to conceive it?. Can the study of Hegel tell us anything about how time is made to appear in modernist lyric and narrative? Or about intersubjectivity as struggle for mutual recognition? Or about how a Bildungsroman or a Kunstlerroman can be written? Or about how to imagine history's end?

Finally we welcome essays on works that grapple with Hegelian methodology for dealing with contradiction. And we welcome papers that reverse the direction of question, and ask how literary modernism animates Hegel.

Send 250-300-word abstracts and a brief bio to Charles Altieri (altieri@berkeley.edu) by April 2, 2012.