Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference (PAMLA), October 19-21, 2012, Seattle University, deadline: April 22

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Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
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The 110th annual meeting of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference will take place from October 19 to 21, 2012, at Seattle University, Seattle, Washington. We are happy to announce a call for papers for a special session panel on "Neo-Nostalgia: Re-evaluating Nostalgia in Literature and Cultural Studies:"

Neo-Nostalgia: Re-evaluating Nostalgia in Literature and Cultural Studies

By definition, "nostalgia" is linked to sickness and is associated with pathological yearning and a romanticized idealization of the past. To be nostalgic means to be mournful and ill: The nostalgic deny the quotidian to wallow in wistful regret. But is
nostalgia necessarily sick and false? Both individual subjects and cultural artifacts may read nostalgia as harmless, romantic, or cathartic. Might nostalgia be a catalyst for something fruitful or healing, a motivation for political or psychological change? Might nostalgia be a means for the ideal to be seen within the everyday, or for the improvement of the quotidian? This special session aims to re-evaluate of nostalgia in literature and cultural studies by examining such theorizations and embodiments of preoccupations with the past. Possible topics include the relationship between technological
advancement and nostalgia; the ontology of nostalgia—and the nostalgia of ontology; and how nostalgia informs national, transnational, racial, ethnic, gender, and/or sexual identity.

Here are a few useful hints for proposing a conference paper:

1). The Online CFP List of all approved Conference Sessions is available at: .

2). Paper submitters have until April 22, 2012 to fill out the Online Proposal Submission Form, available at: (but please do try to submit your proposals earlier rather than later)

3). In order to fill out a paper proposal, you will first have to create an account—this process is quite simple. If you proposed or presented last year, however, you can reuse the same account.

Once you have created an account (or logged in with your username and password from last year), you will be able to fill out a paper proposal, including a paper title, a brief abstract (fewer than 500 characters or approximately 50 words), and a longer proposal (fewer than 4,000 characters or approximately 500 words). Once you hit submit, the presiding officer for that session will receive an email of your submission, and your submission will also remain in our database for the presiding officer's use. You should receive an automatically generated email confirming your submission. If you don't receive that email, or have any difficulty with creating an account, please contact PAMLA's webmaster, Heather Wozniak: .

4). Between April 23 and May 15, Presiding Officers will determine which papers to keep and which to decline. During this time, the presiding officers you submitted papers to should be in contact with you about whether or not your paper has been accepted. Please watch for an email from the presiding officer, as you will need to respond and confirm the offer right away (or decline it, should you have accepted another offer from another presiding officer)

5). You must rejoin PAMLA for the 2012 year by June 1st in order to participate in the conference. In addition, you must pay your conference fee—although you have until September 15th to do so. In order to make things easier for everyone, there is a combined membership/conference fee option that we strongly encourage you to make use of. Once you join PAMLA for 2012 and pay the conference fee, you will be set to attend the conference.

Remember to notify me at, as well as the Executive Director, Craig Svonkin ( you cannot be present at the conference so that the program can be updated and a replacement found, if possible. It is very important to let us know as soon as you know that you won't be able to attend. While we recognize that emergencies arise, please make your plans as early as possible to attend or not to attend the conference. PAMLA would like to uphold the highest professional standards for its members and participants. Last-minute cancellations in the program, especially those that could have been conveyed early, do not bode well for the organization and the conference. Papers may not be read in absentia.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

You can also look at the PAMLA guidelines online:

I hope to see many of you in Seattle in October!

All my best,

Ruth Blandón
Presiding Officer
Neo-Nostalgia Panel
Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference
Assistant Professor of English,
East Los Angeles College