Virginia Woolf Miscellany: Woolf and Animals; submissions due February 1, 2013

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International Virginia Woolf Society

Virginia Woolf Miscellany, Issue #84—Fall 2013
Vara Neverow and Kristin Czarnecki
Woolf and Animals

From the animal nicknames she shared with loved ones to the purchase of "a beautiful cat, a Persian cat" with her first earnings as a writer; from the cawing rooks in To the Lighthouse to the complex life of Flush to the disturbing animal imagery in Between the Acts, animals play a key role in Woolf's life and writing. We invite submissions discussing animals in Woolf both fictional and actual. We also welcome articles that align Woolf with animal elements in the work and lives of others. Please send papers of up to 2500 words to: Kristin Czarnecki and Vara Neverow by February 1, 2013.