NEASECS 2012 Conference at Wesleyan University 10/11-14: Godwin, Burke, the Political Subject and Intertextuality

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Kathleen Alves/City University of New York
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This panel seeks submissions that explore the dialectical engagement between Godwin's philosophical or socio-political works and his fiction. The intertextual model for the mapping of texts and their influences provokes questions about the nature of textual production. Caleb Williams addresses the disaster of competing identities in servitude and autonomy, formally considered "natural" through aristocratic power structures, in a shifting political climate of radicalism that challenges Burkean ideology. Political Justice is his first response to Burke's Reflections on the Revolution of France, while Caleb Williams offers another answer to Burke's text. To what degree does this body of texts interrogate the fashioning of the political self within the fin-de-siècle's air of reform? Considering the novel in terms of its complex relationship to genre, how is its critique positioned in the space of contemporary political considerations? These questions sketch only a few possible entry points of consideration. The panel welcomes diverse approaches and methodologies. Email 200-word proposals for 15-20 minute papers by May 1st to Kathleen Alves at

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