The Hunger Games: Critical Examinations (deadline: June 15, 2012)

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Deidre Evans Garriott, Julie Tyler, Whitney Jones; University of Tennessee
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We are seeking scholarly contributions and critical examinations focused on the young adult novel and cultural phenomenon The Hunger Games. This book intends to interrogate the features that make Hunger Games such an important cultural artifact. Despite the recent book of commentary written by popular YA novelists—The Girl Who Was On Fire— few scholars have paid critical attention to Collins and Hunger Games. We are looking for essays that will begin to fill the gap in the scholarly conversation about YA literature by investigating the social and rhetorical work achieved in and through The Hunger Games.

This particular collection of essays seeks to investigate issues of audience and the novel's function within real world spaces and situations, as well as traditional readings of the trilogy as literature, specifically as a work of children's or YA literature. Topics include (but are not necessarily limited to) media studies and fan culture, social realities and identity, and young adult literature as a genre.

We are also interested in a limited number of creative contributions from an undergraduate audience that explore grassroots reactions to Collins's text.

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To propose an essay, please send a 300-400 word proposal and an informal bio to the above email address no later than June 15, 2012.