Panel CFP on "The American West in Interactive Media"

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Western Literature Association

The relationship between the American West and the Western film genre is a well-documented area of scholarly inquiry, but work in game studies provides a new frontier for scholars to explore issues of the American West and the Western Genre. In keeping with the conference's theme "Western Crossroads: Literature, Social Justice, Environment, this panel will explore the various intersection occurring between game studies, the American West, and the Western genre. We are accepting presentation abstracts of 250 words for consideration. Possible subtopics include but are not limited to:

• The Role of the Myth of Frontier in video games
• How video game spaces digitize the American West
• How video games allow players to experience the American West
• Social Justice issues in video games of the American West
• The role of non-human entities in video games
• Intersection(s) of the Western and other genres in video games
• Environmental issues of the West in video games

Please submit abstracts to Justin S. Schumaker ( by 31 May 2012. Indicate A/V requirement if necessary.