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Cambridge Central Asia Forum

This edition's theme is: "Old Hammer or a New Sickle? Legacy of Soviet Era in Central Asia" 1991 opened up the world order to fifteen newly independent countries which included the region of Central Asia and the Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. The countries of Central Asia found themselves in an integrated and increasingly globalised international environment. In 1991 it was expected that the Central Asian states would automatically follow the western example of governance since the Soviet model had "failed", and disregarded the unique history and legacy of the Soviet Union and more pertinently its constituent entities. It has been twenty years since these countries got independence and their trajectories have shown us how as individual countries they have come a long way. However we cannot forget that they share a common past, especially the experience of being part of the Soviet Union.
This issue of Cambridge Central Asia Reviews is dedicated to just such an examination of how the soviet legacy in Central Asia has affected and/or influences the trends, policies, trajectories and decisions of the independent countries of Central Asia. Thus, we are seeking papers on a wide range of debates and topics concerning the Soviet legacy in post-Soviet Central Asia with a special focus on local theorization and examination by regional theorists, philosophers, writers etc.
As an interdisciplinary journal we welcome original works in historical, economic, social, political, international, theoretical and empirical contributions. Scholars are welcome to submit their papers. The papers are limited to 7000 words inclusive of footnotes and bibliography, essays up to 3000 words and reviews and analysis in two pages. Please follow the Harvard Referencing Style (guide attached). Two copies of manuscripts should be submitted in Word Document format, one without any names and affiliations (blind copy) and one manuscript with all the relevant information.
The deadline for submission is 30 June 2012. Please send your manuscripts and any inquiries to or