Alive and Kicking at All Ages: Health, Life Expectancy, and Life Course Identity

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Center for Inter-American Studies / University of Graz / Austria

Aging Studies Series

Alive and Kicking at All Ages: Health, Life Expectancy, and Life Course Identity

Editors: Ulla Kriebernegg, Roberta Maierhofer

Similar to the issue of health that can both be literal and metaphorical, personal and public, human and environmental, age and aging are concepts that are understood according to time, circumstances and disciplinary approach. In this volume, we are asking for papers that investigate the topic of health within the matrix of time and experience. This cultural ambiguity of aging enables an analysis of social functions of images as a basis for interdisciplinary exchange.

Contributions are welcome that conceive the relationship between living and aging as a productive antagonism, which focus on the interplay between continuity and change as a marker of life course identity:

• What role that does the notion of health play in this interaction?
• How does our understanding of health influence our notion of agency within a subversive deconstruction of normative age concepts?
• How can negative images of old age as physical decrepitude and disease be deconstructed?
• Depictions of appreciation of life even in the oldest age as form of "successful frailty"

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Manuscripts should conform to citation methods of the MLA Handbook, 8th edition. Manuscripts will be peer- reviewed, and authors will be notified in two to three months. Articles of about 36000 signs should be sent before October 30, 2012 to:
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