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The Brain Sciences Journal

Submission Invitation
The Brain Sciences Journal
The Official Journal of The Brain Sciences Foundation

Dear Colleague,

You are graciously invited to submit a manuscript to the Brain Sciences Journal (BSJ), the official journal of the Brain Sciences Foundation. This brand new publication aims to offer an innovative platform for interdisciplinary exchange of research in the cognitive sciences. The submission invitation is described in detail below. Kindly share this message with any interested colleagues or individuals in your network.

The Brain Sciences Journal supports cross-disciplinary articles relating to cognition and neuropathology. The BSJ welcomes research from a wide variety of backgrounds including neuroscience, psychology, mathematics, biology, computation, and philosophy. The BSJ publishes papers on the study of mind, brain and nervous system in all applications ranging from theoretical to clinical.

Topics include but are not limited to:

• Alzheimer's Disease
• Artificial Intelligence
• Bioinformatics
• Brain Patterning
• Brain/Computer Interface
• Brain/Mind Duality
• Cognition
• Cognitive Aging
• Cognitive Behavior
• Cognitive Development
• Cognitive Ergonomics
• Cognitive Modeling
• Cognitive Neuroscience
• Cognitive Psychology
• Cognitive Therapy
• Collective Intelligence
• Computational Linguistics
• Decision Making and Reasoning
• Ethics and Policy Issues in Neuroscience
• Human Learning
• Human/Computer Interaction
• Imagination
• Intelligence
• Language
• Language Acquisition
• Learning
• Machine Learning
• Mechanisms of Attention
• Memory
• Natural Language Processing
• Neurolinguistics
• Neurological Disorder
• Neurophilosophy
• Perception
• Philosophy of Mind
• Psychology
• Robotics
• Social Cognition
• Speech Processing
• Synthetic Intelligence
• Theory of Computation
• Unconscious Mind
• Working Memory

Submission Guidelines:

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers including theoretical or empirical research articles, case studies, proposals, analyses, surveys, tutorials, editorials and pedagogical manuscripts. The submission of an article implies that the work is original and is not under review or copyright protected elsewhere. All submitted papers will be assessed in a double-blind peer review process based on the quality, originality, clarity, and significance of the content. Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity to make revisions to their manuscripts and take into consideration reviewers' comments and suggestions.

Types of manuscripts may include but are not limited to:

1. Primary Research Reports: Full articles and brief communications, each restricted to 10,000 words overall, with exceptions. Articles include but are not limited to: toolboxes, which provide a critical overview of a method or technology that is becoming widely used; reviews, which provide an overview of a single theme or topic for the broad brain sciences audience; disease-focused articles, which provide brief overviews of a neural disease or syndrome and describe how that disorder might be linked to basic neural mechanisms.
2. Analyses: Articles that offer a comprehensive comparative examination of technologies, methods or reagents of key importance for a field of research, leading to important practical conclusions about their performance. Analyses may also report a new analysis of existing large datasets that lead to a novel, exciting or arresting conclusion.
3. Visions: Papers that present new ideas, theories and paradigms for the field of brain sciences. Vision papers may have up to 100 references and are usually no longer than 15,000 words, including figure legends.

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Important Dates:

Open Submission
May 10, 2012 Volume I: Issue 2 Acceptance Notice
May 31, 2012 Revised Manuscript Due

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* If you have any questions please contact

BSJ 2012 Editorial Board:

Dr. Richard Wirt – Intel Corporation
Associate Editors:
Prof. Shlomo Argamon - Illinois Institute of Technology
Dr. Jeroen Bergmann - Imperial College London
Dr. Erik Cambria - National University of Singapore
Prof. Martine Collard - University of the French West Indies and Guiana
Prof. Tariq Durrani - University of Strathclyde
Mr. Sergey Kanareykin - Make A Mind Co.
Dr. Michael Kohl - University of Cambridge
Prof. Mark Moss - Boston University
Prof. Tomaso Poggio - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Colette Roland - La Sorbonne University

Editorial Staff:

Mr. Mark Atallah – MIT Mind Machine Project
Ms. Rebecca Fahlstrom – Brain Sciences Foundation
Mr. Adam Howard – Brain Sciences Foundation
Mrs. Maryanne Jensen – Brain Sciences Foundation
Ms. Katie Johnson – Brain Sciences Foundation
Mr. Mazen Kishtban – Make a Mind Co.
Dr. Deepti Rao – Biological Coprocessors Inc.
Ms. Anastasia Semash – Brain Sciences Foundation