Symposium: "Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book" (May 3-4 in Cambridge, MA)

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Gretchen E. Henderson / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Symposium: "Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book"

"Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book" (May 3-4, 2012, MIT)

This symposium explores the future potential of the book by engaging practitioners and performers of this versatile technology, showcasing practices by writers and artists in and outside of MIT, putting them in conversation with scholars and thinkers from across the disciplines who are framing discourse about this technology's possible futures, promises, and challenges. Keynote speakers include: Christian Bök (University of Calgary poet/performer/encoder of the book), N. Katherine Hayles (Duke University, theorist on writing machines and technotexts), Bonnie Mak (University of Illinois, medievalist concentrating on the history of the page, also affiliated with UIUC's School of Library and Information Science), Rita Raley (University of Santa Barbara, theorist working in new media and electronic literature), James Reid-Cunningham (Associate Director for Digital Programs and Preservation of the Boston Athenaeum, also a bookbinder and book artist), Bob Stein (founder and president of the Institute for the Future of the Book, former MacArthur fellow), and a number of people from MIT and the wider community. Registration by Eventbrite is available through the symposium website: We also will welcome guest posts for the blog in anticipation of the event. For questions, contact Amaranth Borsuk or Gretchen Henderson .