[DEADLINE REMINDER] Marxian Cartographies: Mapping/Re-drawing the Trace

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The Marxist Literary Group/South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Convention
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South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Convention
November 9-11, 2012
Durham, NC
This panel will consider Marxism in all of its various manifestations over time, as well as attempts to imagine how it might travel and take on new shapes in the future. How has Marxism traveled, via fiction, poetry, or as an ideology, over time? What sort of geographical or theoretical traces has it left behind, particularly where it is proclaimed that we are "beyond" Marxism? Does memory, whether in the present or as hope for the future, play a role? Is it possible to construct an atlas of Marxism? Can one claim Marxism in any of its forms (Post-Marxism, New Historicism, and so on) in an era of increasing corporatization of the academy? How can Marxism become relevant as a pedagogical tool even as administrations force educational practices towards high capitalist models? How might Marxists make use of Digital Humanities? Can a reparative roadmap be drawn between "classical" Marxists and Post-Marxists, or between Marxists, Post-Marxists, and other theoretical frameworks?
By June 29, please send 250-300 word abstracts to Anthony C. Cooke, Emory University, acooke2@emory.edu

Anthony C. Cooke
Department of English
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30317