[CALL FOR ANTHOLOGY ARTICLES] Marxian Cartographies: Mapping and Re-drawing the Trace

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Anthony C. Cooke/Emory University
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At present, capitalism seems to enjoy a certain status as the last remaining "ideological superpower" in the global arena; however, many committed scholars, activists, writers, philosophers, and others continue to seek new avenues for humanistic engagement even as corporate and political interests work to circumscribe the academic community's contributions to issues affecting the public sphere. Such imagining of alternative epistemologies is the focus of an edited volume currently under consideration at Cambridge Scholars Publishing, entitled, Marxian Cartographies: Mapping and Re-drawing the Trace. While the volume is centered on the central question of Marxism in all its various manifestations over time and ways in which it might travel and/or take on new shapes in the future, other, more specific, possible topics include (but are not limited to):

--Marxian ideologies in literature
--Geographical or theoretical traces
--The resurgence of new forms of "blacklisting" within the academy and the covert silencing of engagement with gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and class issues
--Corporatization of the academy
--Digital Humanities
--The possibility of reparative roadmaps between "classical" Marxists, Post-Marxists and other theoretical frameworks

The editor invites submissions of article abstracts (300-500 words) accompanied by a brief CV. Please send submissions to Anthony C. Cooke at acooke2@emory.edu. Authors whose abstracts are accepted for inclusion will be asked to submit complete (or at least substantially drafted) articles. Queries are welcome regarding the appropriateness of submission topics. The deadline for submissions is June 29, 2012.