[UPDATE] Civil Strife:The Indiana College English Association annual conference

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Indiana College English Association
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Faculty and graduate students are invited to submit proposals for individual papers, panels, and creative readings on the conference theme of "Civil Strife" or on related topics both within English and the humanities as well as the social sciences and other connected fields of inquiry that allow 'strife' to be examined from a wide array of angles. The list proposes a series of topics and themes that allow for theoretical, practical, pedagogical, and creative inquiries and is certainly not exhaustive.

Literary, Historical, or Psychological perspectives of civil strife
Political, Social, Religious, or Ethnic perspectives of civil strife
Humanitarian issues
Peace issues
The American Civil War
International conflicts
Civil Rights movements
Communication and Linguistic issues of civil strife
Conflict resolution
College and Classroom conflict
Curricular design of civil strife issues
Theoretical inquiries
Critical research
Individual author creative writing
AP Teachers panel discussion

All proposals must include your name, presentation title, college or university affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, and presentation technology you may require.

• Individual critical proposals should include a 300-word proposal.
• Creative submissions should include a 300-word excerpt.
• Panel proposals should include the abstract for each individual presentation and a summary
of the rationale for the panel.

Graduate Students' Presentation Prize Competition: ICEA sponsors a competition with cash
prizes for graduate students who compete and present at ICEA. Prizes will be awarded for best
scholarly papers (first place $100, second place $50) and for best creative readings. Graduate
students who plan to compete for these prizes must submit complete papers, along with the
abstract. Please contact the conference coordinator for details.

Submit proposals via email by June 15, 2012 to the conference coordinator, Nancy Riecken, at nriecken@ivytech.edu For more information and travel details, please see the ICEA website: http://www.icea.ausrc.org/