Let's Talk About Translation: A Body of Translation Theory and Female Desire in Brossard's Mauve Desert

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Ramapo College of New Jersey
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Nicole Brossard's Mauve Desert is a feminist intertext, which Susanne Lotbiniére-Harwood's Re-Belle Et Infidéle states: "Is a body of text written in the feminine by feminists rereading and rewriting what other feminists have written and spoken" (126). Throughout history, the privatized female semantic space inhibited the bilingual nature of the woman and her ability to speak in both the dominant, masculine language system and her own muted tongue, which, in turn, allows her to succeed in the art of translation. The collective melody of female voices in Mauve Desert comments on the emergence of women writers and translators and also the subversion of language through the tactics of "écrtiture feminine", the politics of semiotics discussed in translation theory. Using theorists such as Susan Sontag, Susanne De Lotbiniére-Harwood, Héléne Cixous, Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida, Walter Benjamin and others, this essay discusses the theory of female desire in translation and authorship while also commenting upon the relationship between translator and text, author and translator and original and copy.