[UPDATE] "Lost in Transnationalism: Reflections on Multiculturalism and Globalization" October 26th, 2012

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Claremont Graduate University, California
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Transnationalism, the heightened interconnection between people and cultures, is a burgeoning social phenomenon. In our age of increasing globalization, the mixing and shifting of identities has become pervasive. Through global interconnectivity and the interdependence of economic, media, and social factors, boundaries among nation-states have become less distinct, leading to a formation of hybrid cultures. From neoliberal practices to telecommunication, the shape and dissemination of transnationalism has diffused.

Traditionally, Cultural Studies has studied diasporas as a historical precursor to modern transnationalism, highlighting the involuntary nature of migrations. Modern diasporas, however, remain an interesting offshoot of transnationalism and demand a realignment of critical, historical, and social thought.

Our conference invites those who are studying, researching, and writing about the various contours, ramifications, and movements of transnationalism to submit their work. Whether participants read the keystones of transnationalism in cinematic movements, hybrid local or nebulous global movements, technological or social media, or cultural groundswells, our conference seeks a space to discuss, critique, and promote both the benefits and drawbacks of transnationalism.

Abstracts are encouraged in, but are not limited to, the following disciplines:

Cultural Studies
Media Studies
Women's Studies
Chicana/o Studies
Queer Studies
Disability Studies

Please send a 300-350 word abstract to shaydakafai@yahoo.com by August 10, 2012.

The conference will take place on the Claremont Graduate University campus on Friday, October 26th 2012