Western Theory and Chinese Text: From Life Aesthetics to Environmental Aesthetics

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Dai Xun/Department of Chinese, Southwest University, Chongqing, China, 400715
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Mike Featherstong's "the aestheticization of everyday life" spreads in China, and again arises the dispute of the legality of western theories in China, and in fact it is a puzzle that how to deal with the relationships between Western theory and Chinese text. The aestheticization of everyday life and consumerism are closely linked and is an international phenomenon and has enjoyed a long history. Li Yu's life aesthetics grows up in China. On the one hand, it has something in common with Featherstong's theory, and on the other, both are different. The former has much more contents than the latter. It provides immense space for the study of the relationships between Li Yu and Fetherstone's theory for constructing a universal aesthetic theory which is not based on the western-center orientation.