Re-interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries: A Symposium at the University of Adelaide,Thursday 6 December, 2012

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Wilfrid Prest and David Lemmings, University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide presents: 'Re-interpreting Blackstone's Commentaries: the Evolution and Influence of a Seminal Text in National and International Context' (A Symposium at the University of Adelaide, Thursday 6 December, 2012).

Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, first published in Oxford in 1765-69, ran to eight editions in the author's lifetime (he died in 1780), and has never since been out of print on either side of the Atlantic. Indeed it is arguable that the Commentaries is the most influential law book in the Anglo-American legal tradition. Now an international group of scholars (David Lemmings and Wilfrid Prest, University of Adelaide, Simon Stern, University of Toronto, T.P. Gallanis, University of Iowa, and Ruth Paley, History of Parliament Trust, London) has undertaken to produce a new edition of this seminal work.

As part of this project, which is also the starting point for a new history of law in eighteenth-century England, a one-day Symposium at the University of Adelaide will seek the views of international experts on the evolution and influence of Blackstone's Commentaries in national and international context. The premise of this Symposium is that for understanding English law and governance in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world, the Commentaries is a central text, and Blackstone a pivotal figure.

Keynote speakers:
• John Cairns, University of Edinburgh
• Paul Halliday, University of Virginia
• Kathryn Temple, Georgetown University

Convenors: Wilfrid Prest and David Lemmings

Venue: Moot Court, Law School, University of Adelaide

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Offers of Papers and Registration:
Abstracts of proposed papers (maximum 250 words), should reach by 31 July 2012.
The registration fee is AUS$75.00 for the salaried and AUS$50.00 for students and the unwaged (register via by Monday 5 November 2012).

N.B. Should sufficient paper offers be received, the Symposium will reconvene on Saturday 8 December