What Does Infamy Matter--EC/ASECS Conference, Baltimore, Nov.1-3, 2012

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Frances B. Singh, Professor, English, Hostos Community College/CUNY

For the EC/ASECS conference, I am looking for 15 minute papers that would fit the descriptions of the two sessions listed below. The deadline for abstracts is June 15.

The Aesthetics of This Buried Life

Frances B. Singh, fbsingh1947@aol.com

One panel would focus on literary and artistic productions in which a notorious or infamous person or event is alluded to in hushed tones or somehow swept under the rug. However, through textual unraveling this person of event gets discovered. Panelists would discuss such issues as why this matter was kept hidden, how or where it was kept out of public gaze, the signs that indicated that this matter still existed, what was gained (or lost) by its exhumation, etc. Exactly because Gothic novels are the most common source of buried and subsequently exhumed lives, this panel would give preference to papers that dealt with other literary genres. Papers dealing with art and music would be most welcome.

This Buried Life: The Material Culture

Frances B. Singh, fbsingh1947@aol.com

The second panel would focus on the material aspect of buried lives in (hopefully) a cross-cultural context. For example, where were they buried? Were special structures erected for the notorious dead? Did their burial sites become tourist sites? Or did the opposite happen? Did they become forgotten and many years later achieve a kind of posthumous notoriety for deeds they may not have perpetrated? A probing of these and other related questions of this nature would define the boundaries of the second panel.