Framing Cinema and the Visual Arts, Australian Society for French Studies, U of Adelaide, September 27-29, 2012

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Australian Society for French Studies

Paper proposals due May 31st

Framing Cinema and the Visual Arts / Cadrages: cinéma et arts visuels

The 20th edition of the Australian Society for French Studies conference will be held at the University of Adelaide on September 27, 28 & 29, 2012. The organisers are pleased to invite proposals for papers of 20 minutes on the theme of French Cinema and Visual Arts.

From the ritual images that compose the Lascaux cave drawings to the pictorial accounts of kingly exploits in the Bayeux tapestry, from the monumental Château de Chambord to the airy Tour Eiffel, from art's subservience to God or the Revolution to its emancipation via Manet's Olympia, from Nadar's photograph of Baudelaire in 1855 to Pathé's projected Astérix chez les Bretons 3D in 2013, the visual arts have always imposed themselves as a mark of an epoch. This is also true of the technological innovations in audio-visual creation, now an irreplaceable part of popular culture. How the visual attains its significance as a vehicle of cultural values; how different genres and modes of communication pertaining to the visual interact with each other and with textual forms, and finally how they contribute to the creation of meta-discursive constructions of art and culture are all questions that have attracted scholarly interest in recent times. At stake is what Jacques Rancière calls the future of the image, that is, the possibility of finding new paradigms to account for the relationship between the sayable and the showable.

Keynote Speakers
Professor Fay Bauer (University of New South Wales) – Bodybuilding and photography in France
Professor Colin Crisp (Griffith University) – French Neo-Realist Cinema 1946 - 1952

Related questions include:
Trends in French cinema and other visual arts, including performing arts;
The relationship between genres and materials, the visual and the textual;
The politics of the image;
Developments regarding the notion of the image (eg. following Rancière, its testimonial, ostensive or metaphorical functions);
Work specific, author specific or period specific studies;
Critiques of the modern and postmodern (Rancière, Lyotard, Deleuze, Derrida, Sartre, Malraux).

$AUS 150 general / $AUS 125 ASFS members / $AUS 100 students
Daily: $AUS 100 general and ASFS members / $AUS 75 students

Sessions will be set aside for papers dealing with other aspects of French language, literature or culture. The organisers encourage proposals from Postgraduate students, and will also consider expressions of interest for pre-constituted panels (3 x 20 minutes).

Postgraduate students from within Australia may apply for financial assistance. For more details, contact the organising committee as soon as possible, before registering.

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