MAPACA Conference 2012 Women's Studies Area

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Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association
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CFP Women's Studies at MAPACA
Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association Conference
November 1-3, 2012

Women's Studies as a discipline acknowledges the interdisciplinary approaches to discussing issues that affect women. The Women's Studies area of MAPACA seeks papers, panels and roundtables that investigate and discuss any of the many overlaps between gender and popular culture. Topics for this area include, but certainly are not limited to:

women and the media * women and law (such as recent developments in intersectionality theory as it intersects with popular culture) * women and politics (such as past or current women in the space of the White House can be examined; i.e., Michelle Obama's legacy as professional, mother, and first lady) * women and popularized normative reproductive values (for instance, recent HPV vaccination campaigns) * women and body or beauty norms * women and advertisements * women and sensationalized domestic violence * portrayals of motherhood* working women* women and religion* women writers, written women.

Additionally, considering the region we will be meeting at, we are seeking special panels on Gertrude Stein's influence on women and culture, Mary Lou Williams' influence on Jazz and Black feminism, Helen Clay Frick and maternal instincts of philanthropy, women's oral history, labor laws affecting Pittsburgh's women during WWII, and panels dealing with
the ways in which professors link feminism and popular culture in their pedagogies and course work.

MAPACA supports all approaches; one goal of this conference is to create interdisciplinary exchange, and the Women's Studies area therefore seeks papers by scholars from all fields of study. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, are encouraged to apply. Please submit 300 word abstracts by June 15, 2012 to: Althea Tait or Batten Arts & Letters Bdlg. Rm. 3044, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, 23505 or to Khadijah O. Miller or Norfolk State University Interdisciplinary Studies 700 Park Avenue Norfolk, VA 23504.

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