Call For Master's Level English and Cultural Studies Papers

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The Wide Net: A Master's Level Journal of Literature and Cultural Studies
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The Wide Net, the country's first journal of exclusively Master's level research in English and cultural studies invites submissions for its summer issue: Bread and Circuses.

"Bread and Circuses": the possible catchphrase of all politics. The Romans used it in its most literal sense, yet our tribunes and senators still defer to its symbolic significance. While we constantly worry about our bread in these depressed economic times, we are also constantly subjected to a 24-hour view of the gladiatorial arena of our cultural circus. For our second issue we want to examine the contemporary cultural relevance of the phrase.

On the most literal level, how do the two—performances and food—affect our lives and our studies? On a more figurative level, how do we understand the As Master's students, how does the phrase relate to our lives? Who are the contemporary writers engaging with these issues?

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

Performativity, the carnivalesque, political theory, literature and politics, visual culture and art history, food studies, literary analysis, anything else that fits our theme and has contemporary relevance.

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