Midwest MLA Special Session, Nov 8-11, 2012 "Gendered Persuasion: Borrowed Arguments in Early Modern Drama"

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Hillary Nunn/The University of Akron and Carol Mejia LaPerle/Wright State University
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Gendered Persuasion: Borrowed Arguments in Early Modern Drama

Early modern dramas often feature female characters as central to scenes of persuasion. This panel aims to explore the degrees of agency available to, or denied to, female characters on the early modern stage. What modes of argument or persuasion are associated with women? What rhetorical uses do gendered bodies serve on the early modern stage? How does cultural context enlighten or hinder feminist approaches to the presentation of women, both physically and as speakers, in the era's dramas?
Please send 250-word abstracts by July 2nd to Carol Mejia-Laperle, Wright State University, Carol.Mejia-Laperle@wright.edu.
Chairs: Hillary Nunn, The University of Akron and Carol Mejia-Laperle, Wright State University

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