Unlearning Shakespeare: A Symposium on Creative Pedagogy and Formal Learning Structures at School and University. 28 June 2012.

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Liam Semler (University of Sydney) and Jane Coles (Oxford Bookes University)

An intensive one-day symposium at the Harcourt Hill Campus of Oxford Brookes University (28 June 2012) to explore how creative teaching and learning fits with (or doesn't fit with) formal learning structures at school and university. The focus of the symposium is on the relationship between institutional structures of thought and practice in learning and the positive turbulence or system stresses caused by injection of or experimentation with innovative approaches. Participants will include academics and teachers as well as anyone with an interest in how creativity functions in respect to institutional learning. The conveners are based at Oxford Brookes University and the University of Sydney and so the symposium will include UK and Australian dimensions.
'Institutional structures of thought and practice' include such things as: curriculum, syllabus and rationale; discipline or degree scope, skills and content; learning stages, areas, milestones and pathways; practices and physical spaces of teaching and learning; forms and genres of student demonstration of learning; examination and assessment regimes, bands, standards and guidelines of achievement; inherited, tacit, expected and conventional habits of thought and practice; and desired, projected and created graduate attributes. 'Innovative approaches' indicates novel ways of teaching and learning within or against institutional structures that may cause a reappraisal, critique or transformation of those structures.
Unlearning Shakespeare explores, via a focus on Shakespeare pedagogy at school and university, what teaching and learning are, where practicality meets imagined ideals, and what might be changed or best left alone. It considers the nexus between system and asystem, between formula and creativity, between educator and student, and between Shakespeare and the study of Shakespeare. The symposium welcomes theoretical and policy papers as well as reflections on practical experience. The format will be a dual stream of short papers clustered by topic area and with discussion times following. We also invite proposals for workshop sessions.

Keynotes: Bethan Marshall (King's College London) and Paul Prescott, (CAPITAL Centre, Warwick University)

Registration and Submission of Abstracts:
To register your intention to attend: email your name, affiliation and contact details to the conveners (see below) by Friday 22 June 2012. To indicate that you would like to present a 15-minute paper, please supply a paper title and abstract of between 50-100 words by Tuesday 12 June. Please contact the conveners if you have queries about paper topics or formats. The symposium is free (no charge). Delegates will be able to make use of the on-campus refectory during breaks and lunch. Details of accommodation options available on request.

Contact the Conveners
Jane Coles, School of Education, Oxford Brookes University. j.coles@brookes.ac.uk
Liam Semler, Department English, University of Sydney. liam.semler@sydney.edu.au