Four Corners Conference on Ethnicity and Globalization, Oct. 26 and 27. Abstracts due 7/27.

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Four Corners Conference on Globalization

The organizing committee is proud and excited to invite you to the fourth annual Four Corners Conference on Globalization, with the theme this year being "Culture and Ethnicity". On October 26 and 27, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado, will convene this fourth regional conference which is designed to permit multiple disciplines to share perspectives on themes involving globalization.

All areas of the world are impacted commercially, intellectually, culturally, legally, and politically by globalization. The organizers of the Four Corners Conference on Globalization wish to provide a place and time for intellectual communities to come together and offer insights into how these new cross-cultural contacts will change our communities—in the Four Corners Region, the United States, and the world. We seek contributions from a variety of perspectives and academic disciplines, including Social Science, Linguistics, Communications, Literature, Film, Technology, and others.
We anticipate that this year's theme, "Culture and Ethnicity" will provide an exciting opportunity to explore how individuals and groups are crossing traditional barriers that, formerly, were maintained by distance or government policies. Researchers and practitioners are invited to send proposals for presentations on how globalization, in particular culture and ethnicity, manifests in and /or impacts industry, the humanities, human services, national security, criminal justice, identity, language or culture.

Application forms and criteria for presenters and information about fees, areas of study, housing, and travel are available at our website: Participants are invited to present in English or Spanish. Their applications should indicate which is their language of preference. Please submit abstracts by July 27, 2012.