UPDATE NEMLA Boston Mass March 21-24 2013 Joyce and Anxiety of Influence

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Northeast Modern Language Association Convention
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James Joyce and His Cold Mad Feary Fathers (or Mothers): Anxieties of Influence
Stein would not talk about Joyce, wrote Hemingway: 'If you brought up Joyce twice, you would not be invited back (A Moveable Feast). Joyce felt threatened by Stein (as did Hemingway). Joyce hardly admitted being influenced by anyone, yet every writer has a complex relation to her or his predecessors and contemporaries. Abstracts of 250 words exploring Joyce's anxious reactions to writers like Stein and Yeats, or extreme praise accorded to Italo Svevo (or daughter Lucia) to jmcquail@tntech.edu or J. McQuail, Box 5053, TTU, Cookeville TN 38505.
Chair: Josephine McQuail