Conference on the Black Experience (COBE)

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School of Arts and Sciences - Paine College

February 6 - 8, 2013
Paine College ~ Augusta, GA
School of Arts and Sciences
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Charting the Educational, Economic, and Political Climate in the USA for African Americans:
1960s to the Present
The 2013 Conference on the Black Experience will examine and critique the climatic conditions for African Americans (with an emphasis on conditions in the USA) in the arenas of education, economics, and politics. Conference participants will examine the critical roles of African Americans in these three arenas and how issues of difference – real or perceived – have shaped contemporary American culture as well as its subcultures.
Proposals/abstracts are encouraged from all disciplines in reflecting the scope of issues in each of the arenas: education, economics, and politics. Possible topics include but are not limited to the following:
 Political Leaders and their Educational and Economic Influences
 Religious Leaders and their Economic and Political Impact
 Gender and African American Presidential Politics
 African Americans and Political Party Affiliations
 Black Greeks at HBCUs and PWIs
 The Validity of the HBCU in the 21st Century
 Economic Progress of African American Men versus African American Women
 Black Enterprise (magazine) as a forum of African American Economic and Political Knowledge
 Levels of African American Literacy as Political and Economic Labeling
 Our Classroom Has Been Everywhere: Beyond Walls onto the Pavement
 African American Health Disparities – Educational, Economic, and Political Considerations
 African American Literature as Genre – Alive and well or slowly dissipating?
 The Need for Historical and Biographical Studies of African American Life
 Examining the Slave Narratives and Jim Crow Narratives as sources of embedded educational, economic, and political information
Proposals are sought in three categories:
1. Professors, independent scholars, and industry practitioners
2. Graduate students
3. Undergraduate students
Please indicate status in the proposal. All proposals must include name, institutional or other affiliation, mailing address, email address, and telephone number(s).
Proposals should be no more than one page and provide the title and thesis of the paper, panel, or round table discussion.
For proposed panel sessions, the title of the panel is requested as well as the title and thesis of each presenter's paper.
For proposed round table discussions, provide the title of the discussion group, names of participants, and tentative topics for discussion.
Papers must have a reading time of no more than twenty (20) minutes. Round table discussions are limited to forty-five (45) minutes.
Please note technology and space requests in the proposal.
All proposals are due no later than November 1, 2012, for full consideration.
Registration materials (hotel accommodations, registration fees and travel information) will be forwarded upon approval of submission.
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Questions: 706-821-8326