[UPDATE] CFP Text as Memoir: Tales of Travel, Immigration, and Exile SAMLA, Nov. 9-11, 2012, Durham, NC

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Dr. Carola Mattord, Kennesaw State University
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Session English 1 Title: Travel in Medieval Literature. Travel is an important activity in the Middle Ages, and, therefore, plays a large role in the literature of the period. Pilgrimages, merchant trade, ecclesial and diplomatic missions, etc. are but a few cultural and political activities that involve travel and are described in the many genres of medieval literature. This panel seeks to discuss the various artistic ways travel is described in medieval literature and how we can come to understand, what we can learn and appreciate about the nature and importance of travel in medieval culture. Papers on travel found in any literary genre of this period are most welcome. Please send via email a 200-word proposal by July 12th to Dr. Carola Mattord at cmattord@kennesaw.edu