Call for Interviewees for Doctor Who Documentary Film

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Chris Hansen, Baylor University

...because I'm making a documentary about people like you.

Fans come in all shapes and sizes - some dress up/cosplay and attend events like Gallifrey One or ComicCon. Others write fan fiction. Some analyze the show in critical research. And some do all of the above and more. There are hundreds of ways you might express your fandom.

So how do you express yours?

I'm a filmmaker (and professor of film & digital media) starting work on a documentary about American fans of the BBC sci-fi show Doctor Who.

So - do you have an interesting story about being a fan of the show, or know of people who are obsessed with the show or have a story about it? Are you a fan of the new series since its return in 2005, or the classic series, or both? Do you go to Doctor Who conventions (or other sci-fi conventions where Doctor Who is part of the landscape)?

If you're an academic who studies Doctor Who, why?

These are just some of the possible expressions of fandom - what's YOUR story?

If you're interested in being interviewed for the documentary, please email me. I'm assembling a list of potential interviewees and locations.

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