Call for studies Bound to Connect. Life in Cybespace

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Routledge Studies in Science, Technology, and Society

As a result of putting together previously discussed ideas and continuous research and a panel collection of papers and discussions from last year's SIEF Conference in Lisbon, the idea of a collective volume addressing the issues of different identities practiced online began to take shape.
The general question the present book plans to ask is the extent to which virtual reality reshapes life as we all knew it. Not the live we live offline, but the life we live on our daily online connections. Of course the question has a rather immediate answer but further research might reveal aspects not visible to the naked eye of the people living in, through and for these complementary realities. Much has been said about the matter in recent years but the ever ongoing technological upgrading and software updating leads inevitably to changes in the people's identities, actions and reactions to the stimuli provided by the virtual realm.
Sherry Turkle (1995) stated that we are learning to live in virtual worlds. Now, almost two decades later, we have managed to complete the process of learning and substituted it with the actual living.
Consequently, this project intends to cover the following topics and other related to it:
- people's identities when being online in social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc.
- online privacy and trust protocols
- the online environment as a way of social alienation or, alternatively, as a means to promote and fortify relationships
- the language of online connectivity – defying norms and innovating language when chatting or emailing
- the life / lives on dating sites and role playing games
- transplanting everyday life practices into the virtual reality
- setting standards, norms, and rules for cohabiting in the virtual reality
- reading, writing, and interpreting fiction in the realm of the Internet
The book will be published by Routledge's hardback monograph program, Routledge Research, b Routledge Studies in Science, Technology, and Society series.
Those interested in participating with an original paper are kindly asked to propose a title, a 150-200-word abstract together with 5-7 key words to no later than July 1st, 2012. The accepted papers are due August 31st, 2012.
Dr. Adrian Stoicescu
Department of Cultural Studies
Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest