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Dr. Sandra G. Shannon/ Howard University
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August Wilson scholar, Dr. Sandra Shannon, has been recently contracted to serve as Volume Editor for EBSCO Publishing's Salem Press brand for Critical Insights: August Wilson. The intended audiences for this new collection of essays include advanced high school and undergraduate students and their teachers. This means that the literary titles and critical subjects developed in these chapters should be commonly studied and accessible for students at these levels.

An important preliminary task is to provide the publisher with the names, email addresses, and mailing addresses of thirteen scholars who agree to write an original chapter on August Wilson.
Deadline for abstracts: July 10, 2012.

This CFP invites interested individuals to submit an abstract of approximately 300-400 words to for an unpublished essay that takes the approach described in any one of the following areas:

"Critical lens" chapter (5,500 words): a close reading of the author from a particular critical standpoint)

"Cultural and historical context" chapter (5,500 words): addresses how the time period influenced the author across different time periods and cultures, as well as what makes the author relevant to a contemporary audience)

"Compare/contrast" chapter (5,500 words): analyzes the author in the light of another author

"Critical reception" chapter (5,500 words): surveys major pieces of criticism of the author and the major concerns that critics of the author have attended to over the years)

Nine (9) literary criticism chapters (7,000 words): for author-centered volumes, analyze commonly studied aspects of the author. Together, these chapters will offer readers a comprehensive introduction to commonly studied aspects of the author and represent major critical approaches to the author.

Note: Word requirement includes works cited.

Publisher offers a $300.00 Honorarium for the 5,500 word essays, and $350 for the 7,000 word essays. Pending approval of your abstract, your essay would be due by September 1, 2012.

Note also: I welcome referrals from you of other scholars in your circle who might agree to join the project.

FYI: Below are links to several Critical Insight volumens for your perusal:
James Baldwin:

Tennessee Williams:

Isabel Allende:

The Baldwin and Allende links show how the volume chapters are organized. I believe the Tennessee Williams link allows you to see articles.