1. Literary Contexts for Lawman's Brut 2. Ways of Teaching Lawman's Brut (9/15; Kalamazoo 5/9-12, 2013)

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International Lawman's Brut Society
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The International Lawman's Brut Society announces the following sessions for the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, May 9-12, 2013):

1.Literary Contexts for Lawman's Brut
The first session seeks to expand the acdemic conversation on Lawman's Brut by inviting varied critical and theoretical approaches to the text. Papers in this session might, for instance, use border theory to conceptualize Lawman's Worcester origins or to examine the temporal borders that separate the remote British past and the poet's own period. Studies that explore gender and/or national identity in the Brut would also be welcome. Through varied readings, the session seeks to broaden critical perspectives on and appreciation of Lawman's poetic achievement.

2. Ways of Teaching Lawman's Brut
The second session welcomes papers that examine ways of teaching Lawman's Brut in general education as well as in advanced and graduate courses. Topics for discussion might include teaching the Brut as part of a poetry class, teaching the Brut in language history classes, Arthurian literature courses and the Brut, and/or the Brut in the early Engish survey class.

Please direct inquiries and submissions to:
Kenneth TIller
Professor of English
Department of Language and Literature
University of Virginia's College at Wise
Wise, VA 24293