Peace and Nuclear-Non Proliferation February 15-17, 2013 Guilford College

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Professor for Peace

Abstracts Due: November 15, 2012
Peace and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: A World of No Nukes?

This is an interdisciplinary, international mini-conference that addresses the theory and practice of peace in the world today from the disciplines of the humanities and sciences. Goals of the conference include initiating dialogues on peace that will shape future social policies and cultural conversations, exchanging research and pedagogy, and creating positive social change in our communities. Limited conference enrollment.

Papers should address any the topic in one of the panels below. Questions listed below the panel are starting points but papers may address broader issues within the panel title and theme.

Panel 1: The United Nations and Sustainable Disarmament
How can we achieve sustainable disarmament and what role does the U.N. play?
Panel 2: Gender Perspectives on War
What types of roles do women and men have in wartime and peace?

Panel 3: Ecosystems and Nuclear Waste
What are the environmental, biological, and social effects of nuclear weapon production
and trade?

Panel 4: Scientific Nuclear Disarmament Research and Governmental Policy
What is the recent research on the social and biological effects of nuclear weapon production and trade? How has this research influenced governmental policies on national or international levels?