Media, Technology, and the U.S. Prison Regime

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michael litwack

Proposed Panel: "Media, Technology, and the U.S. Prison Regime"
Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference
6-10 March 2013
Chicago, IL

This panel seeks papers that explore the relationship between a variety of media forms and the U.S. prison regime, including practices of racialized mass incarceration, policing, border militarization, immigration detention, data surveillance, and the wars on crime/drugs/terror. Topics may include representations of prison and policing in film, television, and digital media; prison activism/abolition and media activism; media technologies in the prison system; transnational media and global prison expansion; the prison-industrial complex and the political economy of media/communication/information. Overall, this panel intends to open new lines of exchange between the fields of media studies and critical prison studies.